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Why do the networks focus on bad news? Sure, because that's what the people want, but why? Not me, I hate bad news, but I rarely get the good kind. Give me some good news, like "Hey, you won the lottery!" or "Scientists discover a new fajita that makes you lose weight, cures old age and stops global warming!" I could use some news like that.

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4/18/2013      Ashley Pate's Graduation from Army Basic Training

Dedicated to the soldiers from the 1st Battalion 61st Infantry Regiment "Roadrunners" Fort Jackson SC, April 18th, 2013! From the Family and Friends of the mighty Roadrunner Ashley Pate! read more »

5/30/2012      A Shuttle's Journey Home - May 2012.

Dedicated to the NASA folks who made this shuttle's journey home possible! Congratulations Team! read more »

5/19/2012      Ashley's Graduation Photos

Visit the following website to view Ashley Pate's graduation photos. read more »

5/17/2012      Jeff's 49th Birthday Dinner at Pappasito's Cantina

Check out Jeffrey's birthday song during dinner. read more »

5/10/2012      Happy Birthday Brittany! Love your family!

Celebrating Brittany's 23rd Birthday. read more »

4/13/2012      Celebrating Ryan's 17th Birthday Today

Celebrating Ryan's 17th birthday! How they grow up so fast. We love you Ryan!!!! read more »

4/12/2012      Jan's Journey

Celebrating the life of Jana Hardcastle Craig! read more »

3/12/2012      Celebrating Raven's 30th Birtday

Happy Birthday Raven! Love Your family read more »

2/15/2012      Celebrating Ashley Pate's 18th Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday Ashley Pate. Love your family! read more »

2/9/2012      Celebrating Mom and Dads Wedding Anniversary, February 9th, 2012.

Happy Anniversary to our Moms and Pops (AnnaMae and Glen Roberts). Celebrating 52 years of sharing their life and memories as a family. Love, The Roberts/Hardcastle Families. read more »

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