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What is this obsession people have with pictures? I just don't get it. I mean, come on now, most of you out there aren't that attractive to begin with, and now you want me to look at your ugly mug over and over again? At least mix in a picture of someone worth looking at, like Brooke Burke maybe? But whatever you do, don't show me any pictures of me. I see myself far too much as it is, and I'm not getting any prettier.

Album Contents

Where it all began...


Repairing a family treasure made by grandma h

sections where repairs were made.

repairs to quilt hemline


another view of repairs to be made

birds eye view of finished quilt.

repairs to quilt hemline and supervised

last quilt made by grandma H 1988

Without the cat view

slow progress but in the end, successful.

Words of encouragement and inspiration.

slow progress but in the end, successful.

The double wedding ring in the earth tones



One of the prettiest stars made.

another angle after some repairs had been made

Labor of Love.

It's the little things in life that mean the most.

The beige triangle is completely new now.

Diamonds back together again.


Adding a thin layer of poly-fil

Replacement top material for one of three sections

One more section to go.


Album Feb. 22, 2012, Celebrating Raven's 30th Birthday

Album is not private

Selected Photo: Where it all began...

The wonderful lady who made this quilt estimated 25-30 years ago, Grandma Hardcastle. Devoted wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and also an ordained minister with the Pentecostal Church. One amazing lady!!!!

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